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In the several times I’ve moved in the past decade, I’m always winging it when trying to get a good moving quote to make sure I am not overpaying.

I have had little success with Illinois Moving Companies, the quotes vary tremendously and I’m not sure if the low quotes are actually from reputable companies. One company who moved my wife’s stuff from California to Illinois ended up taking my TV. Well, you will some, you lose some. From the money we saved we probably could have bought a new large flat screen TV, even back then.

If you have any suggestions for our next move, please post a comment. Thanks.

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I am starting to work on a new site devoted to the game Starcraft II which will be released by Blizzard in 2009. The address of the new site is “sc2hacks.com“, and although there is not much there yet, content will start appearing in the coming weeks and months. As the title suggests, the primary focus of the site will be on hacks, cheats, Easter eggs, etc. but will also take about nifty strategy, spells, and anything cool that may be beyond the scope of the basic strategy. Looking forward to learning and playing the game!

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I have a friend is going to move to Austin, Texas, he is looking for some Austin Texas realtors. Since he likes the city so much, he really like to buy a nice house and start a family there. Right now it is a good time to purchase real estate as the mortgage rate is low and there are lots of choices around.

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Yesterday afternoon I told our nanny to take Lydia to the play group at the 175. It is only half an hour, from 4:00 – 4:30, but the instructor has balls for kids to roll under her instructions, she also plays music and makes the kids to form a circle and dance with the music, it is quite fun to them doing it. Our nanny complains about Lydia does not follow anything, but she is only 11 months, so I think it is important just for her to get out.

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EWEPS: Eric Warren Frost World Wide Web Experimental Projects Server

Welcome to the EWF WWW Experimental Projects Server (EWEPS). This site is intended to be a platform for my exploration of web technologies and as such parts may appear broken at times, I do not intend to put little construction zone icons anywhere, so be forewarned.

EWEPS is running on Windows 2000. If you'd like to try to hack this site or server I request that you let me know and I will let you let you put a message and/or link (in good taste) on the top of the page, so please start hacking.

Last updated April 10, 2008.

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Microforge Network Management Tools


Successful hacks

None so far. Impress your friends, be a star -- be the first to make EWEPS go oops!

Update: The /var/log directory was found to be mysteriously missing on January 3, 2000 and certain services (like httpd!) would fail to start... Jon reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled Linux -- we have applied all the security updates this time.

Update 2: Puppy has been running solid like a rock since, well, that Blaster SQL worm or whatever its name was. We've done fairly well keeping ourselves updated though I will admit not having done much hardening. Heck for all I know I am already a "zombie" for spammers etc though I doubt it.

Interesting tidbits and news

My e-mail ISP, Voyager.net, did not renew the cnsnet.com domain (which I have used for e-mail the past several years) so I snuck in and bought it out from under them. Not sure how Network Solutions handles this or how Voyager.net will respond. I hope to see my name on the Whois information in the next day or so.. check it out here.

EWEPS Showcase

This will be a bunch of junk where I try out different web stuff. Too get started, here's a animated gif map showing my building.


The first is the eggdrop bot which sits in #muppeteer on EFFNet. Statler will generate pages related to conversation that appears in the channel and also periodically create other pages like to look up the weather and check the MapInfo stock price, meaningless, idiotic stuff like that. Here's a Java IRC client so you can say hi to Statler yourself! [Ed. note: Statler's been let go due to lack of IP addresses.. he may find a home via a host under hrandassociates.com in the near future.]

     Current Weather

This jpg is generated on-the-fly by my home weather radar kit and mapping software. You may link to this image in your own home page with my permission.

Also, here's an experimental Java animated version. This will take some moments to load.

     SVG Elves

Lots of learned and clever elves crafting magic with SVG, developed and maintained by a short, skinny guy who sleeps on my couch (not kidding).


     MP2K Magazine - The Magazine for MapPoint

MP2K Magazine covers topics on MapPoint and MapPoint programming.

     Will Frost

Links to resources on the web.


Car .NET news and information.

     MapPoint Blog

A MapPoint blog.

     MapPoint 2009

Another MapPoint blog about MapPoint 2009.

     MapPoint Blog

Yet another MapPoint blog.

     Bugaboo Strollers

Bugaboo Strollers.


Directions Community sites and news.


This might be a collection of e-mail forwards, mini-games and images, links to other sites, etc. of stuff that amuses me and might amuse (or offend) you. For starters, here's some stuff. Featured item is Stress Relief.

Life Tip

"There is no need to slump through life with a bad back. Massage chairs can give you daily relief in a way that no other piece of home furniture can. But a couple of minutes every day probably isn't enough if you aren't sleeping in a way that is conducive to caring for you spine. A foam mattress will conform to the shape of your particular body, and cradle you for a perfect night's rest."


This is the start of my portable 'Favorites' list.

About me

I am about 6'3" and like to swim. I might put a picture here, as well as a resume.

My e-mail address was on the top but since some people may feel dizzy without a blurb at the bottom for balance and to list a contact person here it is: e-mail.